Micks Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Micks Carpet Cleaning is the best rated carpet cleaning company in Adelaide offering less toxic carpet cleaning with advanced and eco-friendly methods. We restore your carpet carefully and remove dirt, stains, and odour from your carpets. Our professionals are available in Greater Adelaide, Belair, Henley Beach, Glenelg, Kensington, and and Nearby locations.
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    Carpet Cleaning Adelaide


    Carpet Ceaning Adelaide
    Carpet Cleaning Company in Adelaide

    Your Locally Owned & Operated Professional Carpet Cleaning Company in Adelaide

    Introducing Micks Carpet Cleaning Adelaide, your go-to local company for cleaning and restoring carpets and making your rooms healthier. Being a locally owned and run company, we have strong ties to the Adelaide community and an unwavering dedication to providing excellent services that are customized to meet your specific needs.

    Our professional carpet cleaning journey started with a deep love for improving Adelaide residents’ well-being and carpets. Because of our unwavering dedication to honing our expertise over the years, Micks Carpet Cleaning Services has become a name synonymous with quality.

    At Micks Deep Carpet Cleaning, we set ourselves apart by using a customized message strategy that speaks to the unique requirements of Adelaide citizens. We are aware of the unique difficulties carpets encounter in our area, and our services are designed with their needs in mind.

    Micks Experts For Your Home Cleaning Needs


    With our exclusive three-room carpet cleaning special only at $99, you can revitalize your house! This offer includes some additional services. Also, you can get flat 10% off on full house carpet cleaning at Micks Carpet Cleaning Adelaide. Based on your total bill, we can provide some complimentary services for free.

    We Cover – Gawler, Kensington, Glenelg, Greater Adelaide and Nearby locations

    Mick’s Adelaide Carpet Cleaners have an extensive network reaching South Australian suburbs, making our expert services conveniently available to people in different areas. Gawler, Kensington, Glenelg, Greater Adelaide, and surrounding regions are included in our service areas. In Carpet Cleaning Adelaide services, if you would like to see the difference, we can bring that for your carpets.

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     Micks Carpet Cleaning

    Why Should You Book Micks Carpet Cleaning Group in Adelaide?

    Choosing the recommended best carpet cleaning professionals in Adelaide can ease your task in various ways.

    1. Expertise You Can Trust: With years of expertise and knowledge regarding Adelaide carpet cleaning, our experts are committed to providing excellent services.
    2. Cutting-Edge Technology: For consistently better results, our Adelaide carpet cleaners use the most recent and advanced methods in carpet cleaning technology.
    3. Eco-Friendly Solutions: We protect your house environment and the carpet area by using safe and sustainable procedures because we care about you.
    4. Customer-Centric Approach: We customize our services to match your unique requirements and preferences since your pleasure is our top concern.
    5. Flexible Scheduling: We know how important convenience is, so we make sure that scheduling regular carpet cleaning never be an issue for our community in Adelaide and its suburbs.
    6. Competitive Pricing: Micks Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide is a great option for those on a tight budget since it offers high-quality services at reasonable costs.

    Micks Experts For Your Home Cleaning Needs

    Services: What We’re Offering

    Have a look at the top-class services we offer in Adelaide.

    Carpet Repair Service

    With our skilled carpet repair experts, you can fix problems like burns, rips, and other damages and bring back the beauty of your carpets.

    Flood Damage and Restoration

    Quick fixes for carpet water damage that assure your carpets will be returned to their best state.

    Upholstery Cleaning

    With our complete carpet cleaning Adelaide option, we remove stains, allergies, and filth to prolong the life of your upholstery.

    Tile and Grout Cleaning

    Restore the original look of your tiled surfaces by hiring our team. We use proven cleaning procedures to revive your tiles and grout.

    Mattress Cleaning

    By getting rid of dust mites, allergies, and stains, our mattress cleaning experts help you maintain a clean and healthy sleeping environment.

    Curtain Cleaning

    Give your indoors a revived look with the help of our drape cleaning service. We can also clean curtains while hanging. So, call us for a hassle-free cleaning today.

    How Our Steam Cleaning and Carpet Scotchguard Protection Can Keep Your Carpet Safe

    Our steam cleaning method not only effectively removes dirt and stains from your carpet but also ensures a deep, thorough clean. Additionally, our Carpet Scotchguard Protection provides an invisible shield against spills and stains, extending the life of your carpet and maintaining its pristine appearance. Together, these services offer a comprehensive solution to keep your carpet safe, clean, and looking its best for the long term. Our cutting-edge Steam Cleaning Adelaide offers several advantages above simple surface cleaning.

    Prolongs Carpet Life

    Invest in protection for your carpets by having them steam cleaned regularly.

    Removes allergies

    By removing allergies with ease, our potent steam cleaning method helps to create a better living environment.

    Eliminates Tough Stains

    Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Team is capable of removing even the most tenacious stains, leaving your carpet bright and clean.

    Protect Your Carpet From Stains With Our Effective Carpet Stain Removal Treatment

    Micks Carpet Cleaning Adelaide is aware that stains are unavoidable. From the accidental spill of red wine to the mysterious origins of ink, these blemishes can transform a pristine carpet into mishaps. We have the understanding required to tackle each stain uniquely, ensuring the restoration of your carpet’s original allure. In most cases, we can remove stains with the help of specific solutions. If required, we apply steam cleaning machines. Our team can help you with potent stain removal procedures.

    • Quick Action: We treat stains on your carpet as soon as possible to keep them from becoming unsightly over time.
    • Personalised Solutions: We have designed stain removal procedures for various stain kinds, assuring the best outcomes.

    Jane, a happy client, says, “My carpet almost had a red wine disaster, but Micks Carpet Cleaning saved it. Their stain-removing method works like magic”. Through this service, we have helped thousands of customers in getting rid of stains that do not go easily.

    Our Quick and Gentle Dry Cleaning Services

    Our expert team is committed to delivering swift dry cleaning solutions without compromising on the meticulous attention your carpets deserve. Experience a blend of speed and gentleness that sets us apart, ensuring your carpets and rugs stay impeccably clean and well-cared. The advantages of using our dry cleaning services in addition to their convenience are:

    • Fast Drying Time: Our Carpet Cleaning Adelaide team uses a dry cleaning method that assures little downtime, so you can quickly get back to your schedule.
    • Gentle on Fabrics: Our dry cleaning method efficiently cleans without causing harm, making it perfect for fragile carpets and upholstery.
    • Efficient Cleaning: Our Carpet Cleaning Adelaide team uses dry cleaning methods that remove stains and filth with thoroughness.

    Ready to Transform Your Carpets? Our Seamless Process for Same Day Service – Follow These Easy Steps!

    • Get a Free Quote: For a free quotation that is customized to your unique requirements, get in touch with us.
    • Confirmation and Scheduling: When you’re prepared to go forward, our team will verify your appointment and set up a time that works for both of us.
    • Professional Service Delivery: Our team assures that experts will show up there on time, well-prepared to provide outstanding services with accuracy and knowledge.

    Our Commitment To Complete Satisfaction and Affordability

    Micks Carpet Cleaning Adelaide works hard to earn your trust and provide affordable pricing for superior services, ensuring affordability doesn’t mean sacrificing quality.

    Booking Carpet Cleaners In Adelaide Is Easy- Call Us To Know Solutions And Quotes For Your Job

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    Spotless and Dust-Free in Minutes Micks Carpet Cleaning Adelaide – Where Excellence Meets Cleanliness. Schedule your appointment today

    You can transform your carpets with Micks Carpet Cleaning Adelaide, where quality and cleanliness both are priorities. Enjoy perfection with every clean!

    The Voice of Our Satisfied Clients

    06 June 2022

    Carpet cleaners were pretty honest about their concerns regarding the stains and lifted all the stains from my carpet like magic.
    – Emily Adam’s

    11 August 2022

    I will book the carpet cleaning services from this company again! Amazing professional, fast and punctual services!
    – Jack Gibson

    05 November 2023

    I completely recommend this company for carpet cleaning! Carpet cleaners helped me clean my old carpet and it looks so fresh and beautiful again!
    – Darren Cooper

    01 January 2023

    The best services for sure! Carpet cleaners arrived at short notice while I was moving out and helped me claim my bond successfully.
    – Henry Smith

    07 Jul 2023

    Impressive results! The carpet cleaning service exceeded my expectations. They removed tough stains effortlessly. Very satisfied with their work.
    – ava-b

    08 May 2023

    Good Quality Service. Premium service at an affordable price! The friendly team arrived on time and everything was thoroughly cleaned above our expectations. Highly recommend it! Thanks again for a job well done.
    – perry-g