Mattress Cleaning Adelaide

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When you require a reputable mattress cleaning service in Adelaide and its suburbs, Micks Carpet Cleaning has the solution. Due to our extensive expertise in this field, our personnel are able to provide the best mattress cleaning services. You can rely on our Mattress Cleaning Adelaide team to offer you exceptional efficiency. Because of our extensive training in all facets of mattress cleaning, our cleaners will take excellent care of your mattress. To ensure maximum safety, we always thoroughly check your mattress before our operation.

One can extend the life of the mattress and maintain a restful night’s sleep for many years by doing routine mattress cleaning. Your well-being and health should not be impacted by a filthy mattress. If you can not clean it, let our experts renew your mattress for a reasonable fee. To have a healthier, more pleasant mattress tonight, use our mattress cleaning Adelaide service. You can ring us at 08 6490 9028 to book our services.

    Mattress Cleaning Adelaide

    Discover The Advantages Of Mattress Cleaning By Experts

    Expert mattress cleaning services offer a quick and simple fix for most issues. Not only will it raise the standard of hygiene in the home but also prolongs the lifespan of your mattress and encourages a more comfortable sleeping environment.

    • Brings Beauty Out: You may restore your mattress to its former brilliance with expert assistance by taking proper care of them. In reality, frequent cleaning may also quickly bring out the distinctiveness of the mattress.
    • To continue being durable: Expert cleaning is required if you desire to keep the mattress looking elegant and durable. Moreover, longevity is increased even further if frequent mattress cleaning is performed in addition to regular care.
    • Stains Gone: Mattress cleaning experts also assist in removing stains. They eliminate all the stubborn spots and stains from your mattress surfaces.
    • Free From Mould & Mildew: Certainly, when there is too much moisture, the formation of mould and mildew will quickly expand without your knowledge. But, quick action by mattress cleaning services may undo this and rid the area of mildew and mould.
    • Saves time: Lastly, professional help even saves time. Experts use advanced methods and provide you with amazing mattress cleaning services within a short time.

    We Remove Sweat And Urine Stain From Your Mattress, Contact Us

    Sweat and urine stains are quite common on a mattress. Also, urine on the mattress can cause a foul smell that can possibly make the place unpleasant. You can contact us to remove urine stains from the mattress at a very reasonable rate. We dwell on the latest technology and experience. Thus we can clean urine from the mattress. Our mattress cleaning team also has years of experience in dealing with various tough stains. Therefore removing sweat stains from the mattress is an easy task for us.

    To ensure you get the greatest outcomes, our staff carefully completes each work. You may even contact us for an emergency mattress cleaning service. Our customer care staff is available 24 by 7 to help you. Thus, never hesitate to ring us any time.

    Sweat And Urine Stain Removing Through Mattress Steam Cleaning in Adelaide

    Different Types Of Mattress Cleaning Services We Provide In Adelaide

    Mattress steam cleaning

    The technology we use for steam cleaning mattresses is of the highest calibre. Professional mattress steam cleaning is possible thanks to the expertise of our mattress cleaning specialists. Also, you can designate us at any moment of the year to clean your mattress.

    Mattress dry cleaning

    Dry cleaning is yet another approach to cleaning your mattress. We use safe cleaning agents to make your mattress clean and spotless. Thus, you can contact us for the service.

    Treatment for insects

    Dust mites and bed bugs can cause a lot of allergies and issues. Similarly, their elimination is very important. Hence our professionals provide excellent dust mites and bed bugs elimination service by using high standards techniques.

    Mattress mould removal

    Moulds form as a result of moisture. Mould removal is essential to removing unhealthful situations. Choose our experts for exceptional mattress mould removal service.

    Removal of stains and odours

    Mattress odours and stains might influence how fresh and clean your home’s surroundings is. Also, smelling the offensive odour and dirty mattress is quite unpleasant. If you want a mattress that smells great and is clean, hire our mattress odour and stain removal services.

    Mattress Sanitization

    An integral aspect of our procedure is our mattress sanitization service. The final stage in our mattress cleaning process is mattress sanitization, which improves mattress hygiene.

    Mattress Bug Treatment

    As bugs can lead to allergies as well as other skin problems, it is crucial to kill them. As a result, we provide efficient mattress bug treatment. We ensure you will have a mattress free of bugs and a secure atmosphere.

    Mattress Cleaning
    Mattress Stain and Odour Treatment

    Mattress Cleaning Protocol We Follow To Make Your Mattress Clean And Tidy

    Micks Carpet Cleaning Adelaide has a comprehensive mattress cleaning procedure. Have a look at our cleaning steps.

    • Mattress Inspection: Inspection plays a key role in our service. Our experts inspect your mattress carefully so that we are well known about the condition of your mattress. And accordingly, we plan the mattress cleaning procedure.
    • Cleaning: We begin with steam cleaning your mattress. Steam enters inside the mattress and removes all the dust and even eliminates the germs and bacteria from the mattress. Steam cleaning also helps in bringing back the shine of your mattress.
    • Stain removal: Using eco-friendly mattress cleaning solutions we remove all the stains from your mattress. Our cleaning agents are non-toxic and therefore they do not cause any harm to your mattress fabric.
    • Mattress drying: Mattress drying is yet another important task we perform. Drying is as important as mattress cleaning. We do not leave your mattress moist. Therefore with the use of high-power vacuum cleaners, we extract all the water from your mattress and dry your mattress.
    • Sanitisation and deodorisation: Lastly our professionals sanitise and deodorise your mattress completely. Sanitisation helps in the elimination of all the leftover bacteria and deodorisation aids in providing your mattress with fresh odour.

    Why Employ Our Adelaide Mattress Cleaning Team?

    • Specialist: We are a respected company with extensive knowledge in cleaning all types of mattresses. Our professionals have complete knowledge in dealing with mattress cleaning. As a result, we offer various mattress cleaning services at affordable prices.
    • On-Time Service: To help all our customers we are available in case of emergency. Above many other considerations, we value timely service delivery the most. Thus we never get late for our work.
    • Appointments Round The Clock: You can ping us anytime and any day. Our team is available 7 days a week to help you. Hence ring us as soon as you need a mattress cleaning service.
    • Experts: Our team has specialisation in dealing with all types of mattress cleaning. We have years of experience in cleaning mattresses.
    • Modern techniques: With the use of the latest equipment we offer you prime quality service. The outcome of our services is astonishing and we offer quick service because of the latest tools.
    Mattress Dust Mites Treatment

    Get Emergency Mattress Cleaning Service By Choosing Us

    Our Mattress Cleaning Adelaide team provides same-day mattress cleaning services to get rid of filth and stains as well as top-notch spot removal methods. All varieties of mattresses may be handled by our staff, which enables us to offer thorough cleaning services to both residential and commercial customers.

    Contact us right away for the quickest mattress cleaning in Adelaide. Need not wait till germs and dust mites make your dirty mattress their residence. Our cleanings not only extend the life and aesthetics of your mattress but also encourage a more comfortable sleeping experience for you and your family. Thus count on us and book us for same-day mattress cleaning services in Adelaide. We are always happy to help all our customers.

    Serving Mattress Cleaning Services Throughout Adelaide

    We are ready 24/7 for an affordable mattress cleaning service in Adelaide or nearby. Whether it is same-day or emergency mattress cleaning we charge you a price you can afford. Hence, if your mattress is untidy, get in contact with us right away to take advantage of our reasonably priced mattress cleaning services! We are available in all the places near Adelaide to help you. We employ environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and have a variety of stain removal techniques that may effectively cure stains on diverse surfaces. Our team offers both household and commercial services, and all of our professionals are thoroughly certified in all aspects of mattress cleaning.


    Based on the size of your bed and the specialist you employ, steam cleaning your mattress might cost anywhere from $180 to $250. You can contact us for the most affordable mattress cleaning service.

    It is a common misconception that professional mattress cleaning is ineffective and a con, yet nothing could be farther from the truth. A properly cleaned mattress can help you sleep much better and can extend the life of your mattress by many years. Hence contact us for the most efficient mattress cleaning service.

    Yes, our mattress cleaning professionals are available for serving you on weekends. We do not even take leave on public holidays. Moreover, we do not charge extra for our service. So contact us soon for the service.

    Absolutely yes, we use safe and non-toxic mattress cleaning solutions to clean your mattress. We do not use harsh chemicals. Therefore your mattress is safe in our hands.


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