Who I am?

Who I am?

About Us: Micks Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Micks Carpet Cleaning is a family-owned carpet cleaning firm operating in Adelaide and all its nearby suburbs within 100km. We have dedicated 30+ cleaners all over South Australia and a powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning system to provide quick and effective services anywhere in Adelaide. We started our service with carpet cleaning in 2002 in Adelaide only now serving more than 50 Suburbs with Carpet, Upholstery Cleaning, Title and Grout Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, and Curtain Cleaning Services. We are highly trained and equipped with all the latest cleaning tools and machines to give you a healthy life and increase the shelf life of your carpet.

Mick's Carpet Cleaning Adelaide
Mick’s Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

With the state of the art cleaning equipment, we are one of the most recommended carpet cleaning companies in Adelaide. Carpet not only adds to the delicacy of your room but also cleanses your room and makes your family’s life, even more, healthier and if our services are added to this then you will get quality efficient results with minimal spending of money. Hence, if you are searching for the best company for your carpet cleaning requirement then Micks Carpet Cleaning Adelaide is exactly the right choice for you.

How We Came Into Existence?

When our company came into existence then very few people knew about carpet cleaning behaviour. It is our experts who increase awareness among the people that how cleaning your carpets is as important as other services to prevent your home from harmful diseases and as it is a very difficult task Micks Carpet Cleaning was established in Adelaide to provide all types of services related to your carpet and make your life as beautiful as your carpet. In the coming years, we want our company to provide services in every home in Adelaide to satisfy customers, and ultimately make them happy.

Causes Of Our Existence

Each company originated with some motto and their workers work day and night to fulfill their motto. Their journey goes on and never stops. Micks Carpet Cleaning Adelaide is one among them. These are some of the essential causes which make the way of our existence and these are:

  • Due to the presence of mud particles on your carpet from your incoming and outgoing activities all day, you need someone who takes care of your carpet.
  • Due to many reasons, various types of infectious microorganisms grow on the carpet’s surface and to remove them you find our requirement.
  • Many types of stains are there which make your carpet look very dirty and smell very bad. So, we are ready to help you in every manner in the best possible ways.
  • When you clean your carpet with Micks Carpet Cleaning services you can increase the shelf life of your carpet.
  • When you take proper care of your carpet and clean and sanitise it from time to time with our professional caretakers then not only does the life of your carpet increase but also the cost of replacing it, is saved.

Areas Where We Serve In Adelaide

As a leading carpet cleaning professional we have a 24-hour booking system and are available all 7 days a week in Adelaide and the surrounding suburbs areas within 100km radius.

Why Choose Micks Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide?

Although there are many companies performing services in Adelaide, Micks Carpet Cleaning has some of the special features for which our customers prefer us the most. The most appreciated features are explained below:

1. Effective Knowledge

For dealing with infected carpets, you must have sufficient knowledge of all types of cleaning problems. This knowledge will not only provide you with effective results but these results are obtained on time and save a lot of money. Our professionals will have sufficient knowledge, so they are the best fit for you.

2. Use of Organic Products

When you prefer organic products in comparison to other chemical products then it will give faster results and the main point to be noted is that it does not harm any of your family members and also your surroundings. Hence, choose our services keeping in mind the safety.

3. Latest Technologies

Due to technological advancement, the carpet cleaning process can be completed very effectively and quickly. So, if you hire Micks Carpet Cleaning service then we will provide you with the latest technology in the working process.

4. Skills And Training

Some services help you in getting quicker response time and quicker results also as our experts have all types of skills and they are completely trained in their work to give you guaranteed satisfaction. 

5. Saves Money

Micks Carpet Cleaning works on the principle of money savers and so our professionals tell you to spend money only on such expenses which are important and save you a lot of money from spending on unimportant things.