How to remove dog urine stain from carpet?

How to remove dog urine stain from carpet? Everyone is attached to their family. Moreover, when we talk about pets they are also like family to you. Critically, pet urine smells and stains which is irritating. It’s quite hard to remove these stains from the carpet. So, we are here for you. We know that being a pet owner you may have to look many times for how to remove dog urine stains from carpets and other related things. Below, we are providing 7 tips you can follow to remove pet stains from the carpet.

How to remove dog urine stain from carpet

7 Easy Ways to remove (dog urine) pets stain from the carpet 

  1. Clean the pet urine early as soon as possible: pet urine is a major issue when it is on the carpet. Hence, we advise wiping it out as early as possible. You can blot it with a towel. However, you can also stop the urine from soaking into the carpet. 
  2. Don’t use ammonia products to clean the pet urine: when you are planning to clear the pet stains. Moreover, when you are cleaning the cat’s urine. Try not to clean with ammonia products. As cat urine has ammonia. So, the cat will again do the urine. Even can do it in the same place or spot. 
  3. Deodorizers to clean pet urine: vinegar is the finest solution to remove pet stains. It also removes the smell from the carpet. To clean pet stains with vinegar, you can first mix warm water with some vinegar. Moreover, spray that vinegar solution into the carpet. And clean it with a brush. Additionally, wipe the baking soda when it dries. And then vacuum it. 
  4. Put some toys and foodstuff on the carpet: It is agreed that pets don’t urinate in the place where they love to play and eat. So, if you are done with the carpet cleaning. Wait till the cleaning area dries up. Then immediately place some toys or food plates. So to avoid any replay performances of pets. 
  5. Do some planting at your place: the easiest way to remove pet smell naturally is by increasing greenery at your place. Moreover, it purifies your home. Even plants also detox your property. If you are planning to buy new plants. Then, you must research which is a pet-friendly plant
  6. To remove pet smell, shift filters regularly: it is important to change your AC filters regularly. Shifting of filters gets removes pet odours. If you are not shifting the filters regularly. Then, bad pet odours will be there. 
  7. Clean and wash your pet’s area regularly: some pet owners forget to clean their pet’s area. They forget to wash their pets’ things. The smell from pets’ bedding disturbs the home environment. However, the only thing to do is remove the pet smell. By cleaning and washing your pets and their things regularly. Moreover, you should clean them within two weeks. 

Another way to remove dog urine and pet stain from the carpet: 

Baking Powder & Water

You can combine two ingredients to remove dog urine stain from the carpet. First, mix water and baking powder. Moreover, make a thick paste in a bowl. Then apply the paste to the carpet. However, use gloves while applying the paste.

Secondly, spray white vinegar on the pet stain. Use a clean towel to clean it. Hence, you can also use a hairdryer. It will dry carpet within a few minutes. White vinegar not only removes the stain but also removes the pet’s odour. 


The best way to remove dog stains from the carpet is cornstarch. Apply the cornstarch to the affected area, do it carefully otherwise you may call professionals for carpet repairs service if it is damaged. Let it rest and remove the paste after 30 minutes. Make sure to clean the carpet with warm water. 

By using the above best tips, you can easily remove pet stains from the carpet. You may have also found the answer to how to remove dog urine stains from carpets. 

How can our professionals help you in removing pet (dog urine) stain from the carpet? 

Are you facing the pet’s stain problem? Having pets can be dirty sometimes. They love doing urine in the middle of the carpet. Moreover, polluting the home environment. That’s why contact carpet cleaners. 

Micks Carpet Cleaning Adelaide has experts who remove dog urine stain from the carpet. Our experts use some solutions for your carpet pet stain problem. We will use some chemical-based carpet cleaning solutions to remove pet urine stains. So, if you are irritated with the foul smell or pet stains, call us now.